Mickey lets Donald, whose jaundiced feathers tell of a mortal ailment, have the time of his life

And then, at the best possible moment. It happened. Again.

Donald gazed at Mickey.

It was impossible to resist this time. Like a unicorn Donald was pulled towards Mickey. It was a like interdiction in a war. It was a like a spike bayonet piercing through His heart. (and other lower regions of the body) It was a like magnets.

There was No resisting. No mercy. No Pants. No longer anything else mattered.

Afterwards (when they had finished cleaning their bits)they looked at eachother as if for the first time and had a cigarette.
But they knew they must leave.
They didn’t want anyone to see.
Their forbidden love must remain hidden for now. Perhaps forever.
Donald took one last look at Mickey.
“Goodbye my snuggly one”
“Love you too, my one and only Donald”

And then they departed as Donald welcomed Death’s sweet embrace.

Still relevant but ancient videogame character promotes dietary supplement

Local dietary supplement brand braves copyright infringement by use of Charmander, a character from omnipresent videogame franchise Pokémon, airbrushed between three mangosteen and an unidentifiable plant over a jet-black jeepney with striking red highlights.

The jeepney ad includes the clever, tried-and-tested use of a pokeball replacing a vowel on the local brand’s name. Three capsules adorn another set of branding which by far have totally not confused anyone at all. Sounds like what somebody I know would do.

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